Games & Thrones

About this Project
Dine Royally. Play Royally.

Games & Thrones is a modern approach to a family friendly restaurant experience. Combining fresh, made-from-scratch chef-inspried food with the latest & vintage arcade games, we crafted a new way to enjoy great food in even greater company.

Opportunity: 15,000 sq ft. facility with three business units: craft restaurant, event center, and arcade (ticket/prize counter, indoor roller coaster, 2-story soft play gym w/ 2 slides). Through some market research, I discovered and catered to underserved market: adults (and their adult friends) with kids who wanted an an artisan, made-from-scratch chef-inspired dining experience for the whole family.

Role: Executive Chef – created all original menus from scratch, hired and trained staff (up to 20), “A” health inspection kitchen rating, ServSafe Manager Certified until 2020; General Manager – created and implemented bespoke hospitality program for dining, event, and arcade experiences; Brand creation and design, including coding the website (yes, I can code!), designing the graphics (yes, I can use Photoshop!), and decorating the interior; and everything in between!

Brand • Hospitality • DTC
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